Angry Birds heads to Windows Phone 7

It might not be the deciding factor in getting one, but if a Windows Phone 7 handset is on your radar, it might be more of a tempting proposition with news of the arrival of those Angry Birds.

Yes, the must-have game for both iOS and Android phones is making its way to Microsoft's platform, specifically on 25 May, a date confirmed by Microsoft at its WP7 keynote at MIX11 in Las Vegas. According to TechRadar, that's much later than the expected launch date of the February just past. But better late than never, that's for sure – and it means those legal issues that caused the delay have thankfully been sorted out.

Angry Birds WP7 will apparently feature in the Xbox Live portion of the app marketplace, with 195 levels of action to keep you busy in work/at the bus stop/pretty much anytime you are bored. It's also likely to the the first of a series of 'Birds' games from Rovio landing on WP7, so don't worry if those 195 levels look a little on the low side.

It's the most imminent big launch, but it's not the only one announced for WP7. Microsoft also confirmed a new version of the OS this autumn, codenamed Mango. When that lands, big-hitters like Skype, Layar, Spotify and Amazon will also follow, making Windows Phone 7 an altogether more compelling proposition.

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