HTC launches Sensation

HTC has officially launched its flagship phone for the summer – the HTC Sensation. The 1.2GHz smartphone was leaked earlier today with pictures and detailed specs – here's the full reveal.
Billed as a true multimedia smartphone, the HTC Sensation sports a sleek, high-end design, with contoured glass all around the edges that helps protect the screen. The aluminium unibody makes a comeback, while the screen is SLCD with a qHD display, with 35% more pixels than a regular display – so 16:9 ratio for true widescreen.
A new-look HTC Sense features a new unlock screen with a ring you pull upwards, while that delightful weather widget gets even more features with further weathery animations.
The phone is indeed powered by a dual-core processor from Qualcomm, which apparently allows for twice as fast app launching, better multitasking and faster browsing. There are also added features: a better email interface, better calendar and Wi-Fi printing.
Apparently the camera is better than ever too – eight megapixels with 1080p video recording and an instant capture feature for immediate shutter action. We can't wait to test this one out, as we have yet to be impressed with an HTC camera.
The Sensation supports DLNA, so you can wirelessly stream media to DLNA PCs (such as Windows 7 ones) or DLNA TVs.
It's also the first smartphone to feature HTC Watch, the movie download/streaming service we first heard about on the HTC Flyer. HTC Watch is fully integrated into the Sense interface so you can easily share files too.
'Video, gaming and reading books have become more popular with consumers, turning their smartphones into pocket-sized multimedia centres,' says HTC Europe president Florian Seiche. 'New superphones have to be designed with that new reality in mind.'
The HTC Sensation will be available on Vodafone UK from the middle of May, and across Europe from the middle of June.

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