iPad to dominate Android tablets for years

I think we all know that Apple's iPad reigns supreme in the tablet market right now, but Gartner believes that dominance is likely to be maintained for some years yet.

According to TechRadar, Gartner claims Apple has 69% of the still-embryonic tablet market via the iPad and iPad 2, with Android devices accounting for 20% of the current market. That's going to balance out over the next four years, but even allowing for that, estimated figures for 2015 show Apple at a still-healthy 47%, with Google devices still behind at 39%.

What about the rest? Well, Gartner claims 10% of the market will go to RIM, with the various incarnations of the BlackBerry PlayBook over the QNX platform, while the rest will battle it out for the last 4%, including devices using Microsoft's Windows tablet platform. With that unlikely to show until 2012, it's not going to make inroads into the market anytime soon.

Of course, it's all guesswork, based on what the company knows. Just over a year ago, the tablet market hardly existed ahead of the original iPad launch. Who is to say that something else won't come along and kill off the tablet market? Or indeed, kill off Apple's dominance of it? Only time will tell.

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