Motorola Xoom only sold 100,000 units?

It's available from this week in the UK, but already the Motorola Xoom tablet has been on the receiving end of a price cut from one retailer. Is the Xoom already suffering in a competitive market?

Quoting figures from Deutsche Bank, Crave claims that the Xoom has only shifted an estimated 100,000 units so far. How does it know? Because the Xoom is the only device running Android 3.0 right now. Google's own Android developer website gives out percentages for the installation share of the various versions of Android. That chart says 0.2 per cent of users are on the Android 3.0 Honeycomb version – around 100,000, if there are an estimated 50 million Android devices in use.

Does this mean it's a flop already? Probably not. After all, the device has only just launched in some territories, including the UK. There are other reasons why not, too. The BGR site cites the fact that the Xoom is a new device, with a new operating system in what is describes as an 'unproven market that is barely a year old'.

The point generally being 'give it time'. In around six months time, when the worldwide roll out is complete and the operating system is fully understood, we can, perhaps, offer a more considered opinion of whether the Xoom has done good business for Motorola. With iPad 2 shortages still rife (and likely for some time), it might just find its feet.

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