APP WATCH: Atari's Greatest Hits for iPhone and iPad

Do you pine for the days when arcade games were simple affairs, based less on graphics and more on gameplay? Well, those days are set to return with the introduction of Atari's Greatest Hits.

It's available on Apple's app store from today for both the iPhone and iPad, although the app is much the same for both. Download the initially free app and you get access to original cabinets and box art, plus an introductory game of Pong. Yes, the game that started it all. If you want more though, you'll have to pay out some cold, hard cash.

According to Retro To Go, additional games are available as in-app purchases, either as four-packs or as a huge 99-game package, taking the total to 100 if you include Pong. It's a mix of Atari arcade games and Ataris 2600 classics from the advent of the console, some of which come with Bluetooth support, so you can wirelessly challenge your mates across the pub or office. Just as long as they've bought the same games, obviously.

A four-pack will set you back 59p, or you can opt for the full catalogue, including the likes of Asteroids, Gravitar, Missile Command, Super Breakout and Tempest, for £8.99. See the iTunes site for the full breakdown of games.

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