APP WATCH: Spotify v0.4.11 for iPhone

Not exactly a huge update, but Spotify v0.4.11 for iOS is a worthwhile update if you happen to be a premium subscriber to the much-used music streaming service.

The latest app offers pretty much all the same features as the previous app, but with a sharper, more professional look than the last outing, not to mention a lick of paint. Let's be honest, the original app did look a little rough around the edges. Big news here is the return of the 'edit' button - hit it to create new playlists, remove playlists, and mark playlists for offline use. Also, a Local Files playlist shows you all the mp3s and m4as you have, Wi-Fi synced from your computer.

If you happen to be in France or Spain, the app has now been 'localised' for those languages and it seems like the iPod integration feature has now been removed, for reasons known only to Spotify. There are also 'many bug fixes to improve stability', none of which are listed, but all of which are sure to be welcomed. Grab the updated version for free right now, but remember, you'll need to go Premium (£9.99 per month) to get any use out of the app.

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