No iPhone 5 this summer?

There may not be an Apple iPhone 5 - white or otherwise - launching this summer after all. If rumours and anonymous tipsters are to be believed (and after all, they're the fuel that keeps the wheels of the internet going), there will not be iPad, iPhone or Mac hardware announced at Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference in June.


The annual event is traditionally where new iPhones have been unveiled. According to Wired, this year's conference will focus entirely on software news. In other words, we're likely to see a new iPhone OS, iOS5, as well as the next-gen Mac OS, OS X Lion - but not a new iPhone.


So when will that new iPhone launch then? After all, this is around the time when people start deciding not to buy one because of a guaranteed summer next-gen launch from Apple. Well, according to Tech Crunch, iOS5 is set to launch in autumn, so it's likely that the NFC-packing, better-antenna'd iPhone 5 would launch with the new OS at the same time.


As to what Apple will feed the hungry hordes, well, maybe that white iPhone 4 - supposedly set for a spring availability - will be the gadget of the season instead.

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