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"We'd love to volunteer but we just haven't got the time." Yeah that old chestnut. We've heard it a 1,000 times. Well now Orange's new 'Do Some Good' app means you can now do your charitable deeds at any given moment. Yes even when you're sitting on the loo. Having partnered with some of the UK's most recognised charities, actions you can participate in with the aid of your phone includes a Wellbeing Survey from the Samaritans that aims to gage a better understanding of the nations wellbeing and Guerrilla Gardening by SCAN that enables you to photograph an area that is rundown alerting SCAN who will hopefully try to regenerate it.


As part of the launch of their 'Do Some Good' app, Orange conducted a survey of where and when Brits would most like to do a good deed:


1.     Boiling the kettle (14%)
2.     Queuing in a shop (12%)
3.     Waiting for a bath to run (11%)
4.     Waiting for a train (10%)
5.     Commuting to work (9%)


The Orange 'Do Some Good' app is available to download from the Apple App Store for the iPhone and will soon be available on other mobile platforms. More information can be found at

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