LG Optimus Big leaks online

Need a bigger smartphone? You're in luck as it looks like LG is about to introduce one, going by the rather appropriate name of the LG Optimus Big.

Big by name and indeed, big hy nature. The image on this page shows the smartphone towering above an iPhone 3GS, just to give you an idea of scale. It's not Trigger Happy TV 'big', but it is on the large side for a modern-day mobile phone.

It's down to the screen, with the Big packing a 4.3-inch touchscreen, compared to the 3.5-inch screen on the 3GS that sits next to it. According to Crave, the Big also offers a 1GHz single-core processor (not the dual-core you might have expected) and presumably Android for its operating system. That's not confirmed, but it's pretty much guaranteed.

The screen isn't the biggest on the market. The likes of the HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S II have a similarly-sized display, but the Optimus Big apparently uses LG's Nova screen technology, said to be more than twice as bright as a Super AMOLED display. According to LG, Nova displays offer purer whites, deeper blacks and consume 50 per cent less power than traditional LCD screens. That's why it's a big deal.

The LG Optimus Big should launch in Korea next month, with a European launch not confirmed, but quite likely. If it does land, expect it over the summer.

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