Try the ViewSonic ViewPad 7 tablet for 'free'

Officially launched back in September and reviewed on this site in December, the ViewPad 7 is ViewSonic's latest take on the Android tablet. We weren't overly convinced in that review, but ViewSonic has sufficient confidence in its product to offer a 'Try for Free' deal. Yes, try it out, no strings attached.

The campaign will run throughout April 2011 and guarantees a full refund if you are not entirely satisfied with the device. ViewSonic will even pay for the return postage and packaging up to £10, so no costs are incurred for the trial.

James Coulson, European marketing manager, ViewSonic, said: 'There are many people that have heard about the new Tablet trend but for various reasons have not yet dived in. Working with Google, we want people to have a good first Tablet experience, risk free. Customers taking up the offer can use our devices for 30 days free of charge in order to overcome any initial learning curves and really start to appreciate the potential of Android on a great device. The ViewPad 7 is a perfect start into the world of touch technology.'

Described as 'ultra light' and 'durable', the ViewPad 7 is an Android 2.2 Tablet with integrated phone capabilities, Bluetooth, GPS, MP3/video playback, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity plus VGA and 3-megapixel cameras and up to 32GB of storage. We thought it had a 'laggy' touchscreen, slow A-GPS and was a tad expensive for its specs. But now you don't have to take our word for it. Visit the website to grab one and make your own mind up.


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