Orange: iPad 2 on 30-day tariff

You can get your iPad 2 for just £5 a month and (almost) no strings attached. Orange has announced 30-day tariffs for Apple's new tablet - and they start at zero pounds.


The operator is selling 3G iPad 2's from £499 for the 16GB version coupled with a 30-day microSIM that you can choose to pay £0, £5 or £10 a month for. Obviously you get no monthly allowances with that first one, but it is a low-commitment way to get yourself a 3G iPad 2 without agreeing to two years of data obligation to one network.

The £5 tariff offers 250MB of anytime data and up to 10GB of Wi-Fi allowance.


Double that and you get 1GB of anytime data, 1GB at 'quiet time' (that's midnight to 4pm the next day) and 10GB of Wi-Fi allowance.


For all tariffs, the data cost is 5.1p per MB and your total usage is always capped at £40 a month.


You can also get the beefier 3G iPad 2's at £579 for the 32GB version and £659 for the 64GB one.


Earlier problems with the Apple UK online store appear to have been ironed out this morning, so if you can wait two to three weeks for delivery, you can pay from £399 for a SIM-free, Wi-Fi only iPad there. Or if a 24-month contract (and lower device price) makes you feel all warm and fuzzy, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone are offering iPad 2's from £199 for £25 a month for existing customers (£229 for new ones), while Three is offering it from £229 at £25 a month. The Apple iPad 2 is also available from Phones 4u on Orange.

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