Problems with iPad 2 online launch

If you are really desperate to own an iPad 2 by this weekend, chances are that you are not reading this. You are sat in a queue outside an Apple store ahead of the 5pm launch. At least you have the weather for it. However, those of us who prefer our home comforts will probably order online. If you did that at the 1am launch time this morning, you might, quite justifiably, still be a little angry about the whole process.

The online ordering actually opened a little early, not that it helped in any way. The volume of sales requests made sure that the transaction process ran less-than-smoothly. Indeed, most people were greeted with constant error messages, the whole process taking well over an hour for the majority of night owls. So much for getting in first. Maybe the traffic has subsided a little now, as orders are now going through smoothly - so if you want an iPad 2, get in there now.

You'll be no further down the queue either. Sadly, there was no 'shipping in 24 hours' for those initial customers in the UK, all the people who tried to order in the early hours were told it was '2-3 weeks' before shipping. Try now and you'll get the same estimate. Presumably no stock has been put aside for online orders, which is both annoying and surprising. Does this mean there is more on the high street?

You can always try. The Apple stores will certainly have plenty, but that's also where you'll find the most people. The mobile network stores should have them, although you might want to phone before calling in, likewise selected Carphone Warehouse stores and some branches of Currys and PC World will have some stock. In truth, some of the less obvious branches of those stores might be a good bet to walk in and simply grab one off the shelf.

Otherwise, just order one online. You've waited long enough. Another three weeks isn't really going to be a problem, is it?

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