T-Mobile confirms iPad 2 pricing

The devil is, as usual, in the detail. But if you sign up with T-Mobile, you can purchase a brand new iPad 2 for £199. So, what about that detail then?

Ok, here goes, According to Geeky Gadgets, if you are an existing T-Mobile customer, you can pick up a 16GB iPad 2 for £199. If you are not currently with that network, £229 is the asking price. However, you'll need to sign up to a two-year contract for a monthly outlay of £25, £27 for non-customers. That gives you 1GB of data use, plus another 1GB for use between the hours of midnight and 10am. Overnight in essence, when less folk are around. That might be a great deal if you work a night shift.

But for the rest of us, it's a deal perhaps to consider before you buy. Yes, you get the cheaper price, but you also get a tie-in for two years. With Apple on an annual renewal cycle, that might not be a good thing. Also, if you plan to use your tablet at home for the majority of time, you probably don't need the 3G model, or the accompanying data contract.

It might be better to buy an iPad 2 outright if you can. Prices for that were announced earlier in the week, with £499 being asked for the model T-Mobile is selling. The total price at T-Mobile is over £800 if you factor in the data contract over the two years and you are a new customer. Even if you need data, you might get a more competitive deal shopping around or buying data for the months when you need it.

T-Mobile's deal goes 'live' at 5pm on Friday, the same time as Apple will be selling its stock instore. Orders can be placed online and over the phone.

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