BlackBerry PlayBook will match Apple iPad 2 price

When it comes to tablets, Apple didn't just (re)ignite the fire with the iPad - it's been caning other contenders on price too.


The happy result is that Samsung and Motorola are both aiming to match its £400-odd tag with the Galaxy Tab 10.1 (from US$499) and Xoom (£450) respectively - and now BlackBerry is giving it a go with its soon-to-launch PlayBook.


According to Electricpig, RIM's first tablet will launch on April 19 in the US at the same price as the entry-level iPad 2: US$499 (which should translate to £399 here in the UK).


Sounds a deal for the 64GB, dual-camera-packing, HD-recording PlayBook - but is price enough to sell a tablet whose big USP is its seamless integration with your BlackBerry? We'll have to spend some indepth time with both tabs to make a call on that one, but for now, here's how the specs stack up.


- Both devices pack a dual-core 1Ghz processor and similar screen resolutions...


- ...though the PlayBook feels noticeably smaller (and more portable) at seven inches versus the iPad's 9.7 inches.


- The PlayBook supports Flash video on the, while the iPad 2 - like all other Apple devices - doesn't.


- The iPad's biggest advantage of course, is probably its App Store, which boasts some 60,000 tablet-optimised apps. We don't know how PlayBook apps stack up yet, but if the 20,000 smartphone apps in the BlackBerry App World is any indication, it might not be stomping all over the iPad 2 yet.


Either way, we're looking forward to getting our hands on both devices.

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