No UK Appstore from Amazon as yet

We were primed for its launch yesterday, but that day came and went for the UK-version of the Amazon Appstore. So when is it coming? Not for a while, according to Amazon.

According to TechRadar, cut-price apps and Angry Birds Rio for Android devices is going to be US-only for quite some time, with the Android Appstore remaining inaccessible to people in the UK for now. You'll just get redirected to the homepage if you try.

'We are launching now in the US, however we are a global business and we will continue to evaluate opportunities to do what's in the best interest of our customers,' said a spokesperson for Amazon. 'At this time, we have not announced plans on international launches.'

That doesn't sound good, but in some ways, it's not unexpected. Remember how long the Kindle took to get to the UK? Longer than it should have, that's for sure. Although with Amazon in competition for a share of the app market, we suspect a successful launch in the US will mean talks on a worldwide launch pretty swiftly.

It might have other things to discuss too. According to Bloomberg, Apple is unhappy that Amazon is using the term 'Appstore' which it believes is a little too close to 'App Store'. Apple has issued a 'complaint' and the dispute has every chance of hitting the courts. That's likely to slow things down even more when it comes to the UK launch. So don't hold your breath on this one.

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