Microsoft rolls out Windows Phone 7 update

It's been hyped way in excess of its actual content, but the first 'proper' Windows Phone 7 update is finally here, going by the name of NoDo.

According to Crave, the headline act is, as expected, copy and paste. Just tap words and then drag arrows around to select a chunk of text, with the feature working 'anywhere you can type' - emails, text messages, web pages and Office Mobile documents for example. Not that exciting, but certainly useful. Of course, it's not the only feature on offer.

Microsoft claims it has 'whittled down the time it takes for apps and games to start up and resume', as well as improving search on the Windows Marketplace for Mobile app store. That means you only see apps when searching in the apps section, music in the music section, and games in the games section for example. There are also improvements when downloading large (20MB+) apps, upgrading from trial to paid-for apps, sharing links to apps via email, and using a credit card with an address outside the US.

The company has also dropped limits on the number of Wi-Fi profiles you can store on your Windows Phone 7 handset, improved the camera, Bluetooth audio and enhanced Facebook integration. Finally, there are general performance improvements for specific handsets. If you have an applicable phone, look out for those.

Not exactly the most exciting of updates then, more like a bit of tweaking and some general housekeeping. But it does offer improvements for free, so who are we to complain? NoDo will be rolling out over the coming days and weeks. If you go via an operator, expect a wait while your network checks and tests.

A bigger update is expected later in the year, which is believed to add Twitter integration, Internet Explorer 9, multitasking for non-Microsoft apps, and a feature allowing Windows Phone 7 handsets to be used as companion devices for Xbox 360 Kinect.

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