Flash 10.2 beta heads to Android phones

If you happen to own an Android device running Android 2.2, 2.3 or (if you are very lucky) Android 3.0, you can now download a beta of Flash 10.2 from the Android Market.

According to TechRadar, it's worth the effort too. The update is geared towards the tablet-specific Android Honeycomb OS, bringing the ability to load Flash content on those devices. But it's not exclusive to that version of Android. Other devices, particularly dual-core devices, should notice faster performance to those running Flash 10.1, as well as an improved battery life. Single-core users get lesser improvements, including a slight improvement to YouTube video playback, for example.

It's not all sweetness and light though. Engadget, who got an early hands-on with the update, claim it can't yet handle 720p content, displaying a series of still images instead of HD video. That's just a temporary thing though - once the software leaves beta, hardware rendering and compositing will be added, at which point 720p should start running as it should. That's likely to be in the next few weeks.

Another reason to buy the Android 3.0 Motorola Xoom tablet when it lands? Possibly. After all, there's not much else out there running Android Honeycomb as yet.

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