HTC Flyer set for April launch in UK

These things are never certain, more often a guide. But if you are chasing a HTC Flyer tablet, you might want to empty the piggy bank soon, as it looks like it could be here in April.

According to TechRadar, online retailer Clove has gone live with a pre-order page for the Android tablet, claiming it will have stock to ship in mid-April. Specifically, that stock is for the 3G-enabled version of the tablet and for that, you'll be paying £600 (once the VAT has been taken care of). Expect the Wi-Fi only version to sell for around £100 or so less when that launches.

For that, you get a tablet first seen at the recent Mobile World Congress and offering something not unlike the original Galaxy Tab in shape, with Android 2.3 for the OS at launch, updating to Android 3.0 not long after. It might even have the update when it lands. But it will certainly have HTC's Sense interface, throwing in some 3D imagery for the screen.

Other features include the option to use as a digital notebook with a stylus, a video download service called HTC Watch and streaming from your tablet to PC wirelessly, while on the hardware front, there's a 1.5GHz processor, 1GB of RAM, up to 32GB of storage, a five megapixel camera for snaps, a 1.3-megapixel camera for video calling and all the connectivity you would expect.

If that all sounds like £600 worth of kit to you, get your name down now. Although it's worth noting that the Clove price isn't a 'confirmed' one, so it might yet creep up.

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