The Daily for iPad heading to the UK

Last month it hit America's virtual shelves, but we in the UK were left wondering when The Daily would launch for our iPads. Well, it should be here in a matter of months, according to Jonathan Miller, the chief digital officer at News Corporation.

But it's not quite as ideal as that sounds. According to the Daily Telegraph, Mr Miller said: 'Western Europe is up first in not too long from now,' adding that a launch will be in the first half of 2011, dependent on the geographical roll-out of Apple's subscription model. But this isn't a UK-specific Daily. The launch is for the US version of The Daily, which you'll be able to subscribe to via the UK version of the iTunes store. Suddenly, it's not quite as exciting as we thought.

Speaking at the Abu Dhabi Media Summit, Mr Miller said that charging for The Daily in the US will begin next week: 'We will charge for it but we haven't started yet. We have our beginning moment of truth next week when we start to ask people to get out their wallets.'

That charge will be $39.99 a year in the US, which is around £25, or just over £2 per month. Doesn't sound much when you break it down, does it? According to Mr Miller, there are currently 'hundreds of thousands of people reading The Daily', so if all of those people sign up for paid version, News International and Apple could make something of a killing with its digital newspaper. Of course, when people are asked for money, all too often those numbers diminish sharply, so we're sure neither company is counting any chickens just yet.

News Corp's digital chief also claims the digital 'paper' is carving out its own niche in the world, particularly with a younger audience: 'It does skew younger. If you follow what's happening with news consumption around the world, it's aging. And younger people as a generalisation are not consuming news at least in the ways they used to. So we want to make a product that has broad appeal and that means it has liveliness to it, its very graphic and is very pictoral - a lot of video on it, all media in the same place. It is skewing much younger than newspapers.'

Anyway, if that sounds like your thing, not long to wait before you can get it. Just a shame there's no word, as yet, on a UK-centric version. We suspect it depends on how many actually sign up to the paid model.

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