APP WATCH: Adobe PhotoShop Express 2.0 for iOS

Don't worry, the new version of Adobe PhotoShop Express is still free, although Adobe PhotoShop Express 2.0 for iOS does now offer a premium upgrade.

Essentially, it's still the same app with a bit of tidying up, with the option to crop, straighten, rotate and adjust the contrast of your snaps. as well as being able to play with the colour, add a variety of features and finish off your snaps with various borders. In essence, that's what most of us do with the full-priced product, but it's all free for Apple mobile devices. What's not to like?

However, you can now add a little more, just as long as you are willing to pay out some cash. There's now an in-app purchase called the Adobe Camera Pack. If you opt for that, you get the features outlined above plus a Reduce Noise feature, which smooths out those flaws to quickly improve your photos. Adobe claims it is 'fast, accurate, and puts professional Adobe Photoshop quality in the palm of your hand'. Hence the price bump for it.


But that's not all you get - there's also Self Timer, allowing you to set a camera timer to 3- or 10-second intervals before the photo is snapped and Auto Review, which gives you a quick look at your picture before the action passes you by. You can have all of those features for an additional £2.39.

Just to show it's not all one-way traffic, Adobe is also offering a 'freebie' too as an add-on, access to Create a free account and you can upload and store 2GB of photos and videos online.

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