No Nokia WP7 phones in 2011?

Last month, Nokia CEO Stephen Elop talked about producing a Windows Phone 7 Nokia phone both quickly and with an affordable price point. Sadly, that hope looks to have been dashed, with a rumour that the first Nokia WP7 phones are unlikely to be seen before 2012. However, that is based on conflicting information.

The latest rumour doing the rounds, courtesy of Slashgear, is that there's likely to be a delay with the big Windows Phone 7 update, which goes by the name of Mango. That's not the 'cut and paste' update, this is the big update for late 2011, which is promising multitasking, Internet Explorer 9 with partial HTML5 support, and other feature boosts. If the new information is correct, that update has slipped, with sources claiming that Microsoft’s ambitious promise to ship to consumers before 2011 is out 'is a near impossibility.'

That contradicts information recently offered by Microsoft itself that the updates were still on track, despite initial problems with updating handsets. If it's true, that's bad news for anyone waiting for a Nokia Windows Phone 7 handset. Why? The Finnish handset maker is rumoured to be waiting until Mango before releasing its first Windows Phone devices. So no update in 2011, no Nokia phones in 2011. Let's hope there isn't a delay - for the good of both Microsoft and Nokia, it would be good to see some evidence of the collaboration before the year is out.

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