White iPhone on its way, says Apple

Just as we've all given up on the thing and started looking ahead to the iPhone 5, Apple has pulled a rabbit out of the hat and announced that the white iPhone 4 is both real and coming our way soon.

Good old Twitter is the bearer of these glad tidings, with Apple's senior VP Phil Schiller using that particular medium to tell the world about it. In response to a user called 'Eric', Mr Schiller said: 'Hi Eric. The white iPhone will be available this spring (and it is a beauty!).' So there you go, a release date (of sorts) and a glowing reference for the white iPhone 4 variant.

It's not completely unexpected. After all, we mentioned last week that the white iPhone was said to be in production, with a shelf date said to be in April. That should give Apple smartphone sales a big shot in the arm in what's likely to be a quieter period - the run-up to the announcement of the next iPhone. If the shelf date is consistent with last year, Apple should get three months of sales out of it before the new model (possibly in white from day one) is made available.

Anything different apart from the colour? Probably not. But just mastering the colour change is obviously a huge thing for Apple. That's been done with changes to the 'film material' - the previous material apparently led to a higher-than-usual defect rate, hence Apple dropping it from the range initially.

Price is likely to be the same as the black version. Look out for pre-orders in a matter of weeks.

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