Three offers Apple iPad for under £100

Admittedly the headline doesn't give the full story, but every word of it is true - the Three network is offering the Apple iPad for under £100. A fraction  under at £99 in fact.

But it's not such a clean cut deal. For a start, this is a first-generation Apple iPad, not the new iPad 2, which is set to hit the shelves in just under two weeks. So you'll be buying 'old' technology. Not that old and in truth, the original iPad is still a impressive piece of kit. But it's just not cutting edge. That could be important. Especially if you want a camera or two on your iPad.

Secondly, that price is only applicable if you sign up to one of Three's data deals. Now we've talked about the generosity of Three's data deals in the past, so the 'ins and outs' of the tariff aren't an issue. In fact, a 15GB monthly data allowance is more than generous. But you'll have to sign up to that £20 monthly deal for 24 months. With Apple's yearly update cycle, you could have seen another one or possibly two iPad models being launched during that time. If you want to stay up to date, that could be an issue. You'll also have paid out the best part of £600 too, once you take into account that full contract.

Saying that, if money is tight and you want to spread the cost, the £99 initial outlay for the 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi + 3G might be worth considering. If you want the 32GB model, the contract is the same, but the upfront price rises to £149. For a 64GB device, the initial cost is £249. Rolling monthly deals are also available, but certainly nowhere near as cheap, starting at £599. If that's what you want, hang on for the new model.

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