Microsoft WP7 update delayed

After the issues with the first minor upgrade, we're guessing that some Windows Phone 7 owners might have mixed feelings about another one coming so soon. But it is new features, so that has to be a good thing. Sadly, those new features are slightly delayed.

Microsoft has just confirmed a delay to the Windows Phone 7 update that includes the much talked-about (and demanded) cut and paste. According to PC World, an entry on an official Microsoft France blog said the update that contains cut and paste would come in the second half of March. A little later than expected, but not too much. Just as long as that date doesn't keep slipping. The delay is the result of problems with that earlier update, particularly for owners of Samsung phones. Microsoft doesn't want to take any chances with this next one.

'I've decided to take some extra time to ensure the update process meets our standards, your standards, and the standards of our partners. As a result, our plan is to start delivering the copy-and-paste update in the latter half of March,' Eric Hautala, general manager of customer experience engineering at Microsoft, wrote in a blog post.

He added that the update for later this year is still on schedule: 'This short pause should in no way impact the timing of future updates, including the one announced recently at Mobile World Congress featuring multitasking, a Twitter feature, and a new HTML 5-friendly version of Internet Explorer Mobile.'

Commenting on those earlier update problems, Hautala said: 'Microsoft has been making and delivering software updates long enough to know that the laboratory can simulate -- but never quite equal --the experience of delivering software to thousands of real phones 'in the wild,' each loaded with its own unique set of apps, pictures, songs, and other stuff.'

Let's hope there aren't anymore unforseen problems with updates. With such a new platform, it doesn't do the company's reputation any favours.

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