APP WATCH: Twitter for iPhone and iPad

Twitter seems to work just fine on both the iPhone and iPad. Yet despite this, both apps have been hit with a bunch of improvements. All for the same 'free' price tag thankfully, which is always a positive.

All the changes are universal with the exception of one - the Quick Bar. That lets you quickly see trends at the top of your timeline on the iPhone. You can swipe the Quick Bar to the left or right to see additional trends, local ones for example. Indeed, local trends is one of the universal updates, essentially trends based on your location, as you might have guessed.

Everything else is iPhone and iPad. That includes photos, which offers up a camera button in the toolbar and an improved image preview, so you can quickly choose a photo from your library or take a new picture. Other features of note are 'follow your friends' via listings in your address book, automatic link shortening once you've dropped it into the Tweet box, a cleaner and more simple 'new Tweet' screen, autocomplete for @usernames and a new Direct Message conversation view that helps you keep track of messages better.

All of that is available now, just download or upgrade your existing app.

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