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We like the words 'free' and 'no connection required', both of which feature prominently when talking about the we7 personal radio app for Android devices. At least, if you go for the basic offering.

we7 has just launched its mobile radio app, which allows you create your own personal radio stations that can work anywhere - internet connection or not. Bypassing the problems of dodgy connections and squeezed data allowances, we7 allows you to create a range of radio stations simply by entering the artists or genres you love. The stations are dynamically created by selecting and refreshing music from over seven million songs. Some kind of caching allows you to access those tracks between the times you online. All you need to do is to remember to fire up the app and connect to the service before you go out.

There's also the option for going for pre-planned 'themed' stations based upon 'expert editorial'. This means a range of themed stations are always available if you fancy like something different.

The app is free initially for Android devices, first in Beta form, offering an ad-funded radio service just like commercial radio in essence. However if you want to go beyond radio and choose your own songs, albums and playlists, you can upgrade to an ‘on-demand’ subscription for £9.99 a month. That's the same price as Spotify, so it's likely to be an 'either/or' thing based on which one you prefer for your tunes. Spotify obviously allows offline playback too.

The we7 Radio App will be available from the Android Marketplace and will be followed in April with versions for iPhone, iPad and iTouch. BlackBerry and Windows Phone 7 versions will be launched later this year.

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