Apple iPad 2: What's new

There's a new Apple iPad in town and everyone wants a piece. But with the original iPad getting a price cut to just £329, is the new iPad enough of an upgrade to make it worth that £110 (or more)? Here's what changed from iPad 1 to iPad 2.


Faster processor
iPad 2: Dual-core A5 / iPad 1: Single-core A4

Apple is getting in on the dual-core game with a brand-new dual-core A5 chip that will apparently result in a graphics performance up to nine times faster, all while retaining the impressive 10 hour battery life of the original. It also claims an overall speed bump of up to two times. Our first-gen iPad is definitely taking a bit of a hit in speed when it comes to switching between apps, so let's hope Apple's claim that multitasking will be faster is indeed true. if you want your iPad for gaming and HD video, you should notice the difference. 


Smaller and lighter
iPad 2: 8.8mm / iPad 1: 13mm

This sizeable drop in girth also means the new iPad is 1.3 pounds versus the original's 1.6 pounds - and it's slimmer than most smartphones, including the iPhone 4, which clocks in at 9.3mm. (Phone trivia: The Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc is the only slimmer smartphone at 8.7mm, while LG's true-at-one-point 'thinnest and brightest' Optimus Black looks a fatty at 9.2mm.)


New OS
iPad 2: iOS4.3 / iPad 1: iOS4.2

It sounds incremental, but probably the most exciting part of the new iPad is the new version of iOS that will launch with it. This upgrade will add multi-touch multi-tasking gestures, so you'll be able to switch between apps or drag down a multi-tasking bar (a la Android?) for example. There's also a new iTunes sharing feature that will allow you to play content on your iPad (or iPhone) from desktop iTunes over Wi-Fi. Best part? It's available for download to first-gen iPad, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS on March 11.


'Smart' cover
iPad 2: Has one / iPad 1: Doesn't have one

Magnets! Who would've thought they'd make it onto new-school tech like the iPad? Well they're here and they attach it to a 'smart' cover that allows you to power on/off the iPad by opening/shutting its cover. You can also do normal iPad-cover things like fold it over to prop your Pad up for comfier media viewing or typing. This is probably the most unique feature from other tablets.


iPad 2: Front-facer for video calls, rear one for pictures / iPad 1: None

The biggest complaint about the iPad 1 has been answered - video calling is a go, and so is taking pictures. Though we're not sure how much you'll want to wield a 9.7-inch screen as a camera, but it'll probably satisfy some spec geek, somewhere.


Oh, and it's available in white.

If the masses of coverage that as yet unseen white iPhone 4 got is any indication, this is pretty important to most of you.


Most of these - as was rumoured in various leaks - are indeed incremental changes from the first iPad rather than the game-changer some might have hoped for. We'll have the rundown on just how much the iPad 2 differs from the iPad 1, in our full review coming this month. Stay tuned!

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