Original Apple iPad gets price cut

Ok, Apple has a small problem. The new iPad 2 has been launched in a blaze of glory and it hits the UK's shores from March 25th. Everyone who wants an iPad is likely to want the improved version. So what does the company do with existing stock? Simple, it cuts the price.

While the knowledge of the new model is certain to stunt sales of the original model, it's still a useful piece of kit and at a reduced price point, is well worth a look if finances are tight. You'll be looking at £329 for the entry-level 16GB Wi-Fi model, compared to an expected (but far from confirmed) price of £439 for the new model. £399 is the price of a 32GB model, £479 gets you 64GB, with those prices rising to £429, £499 and £579 respectively if you want to add some 3G connectivity. Don't forget that data contract too.

It's all 'while stocks last' so if those deals appeal, get yourself to the Apple store, either real or virtual, to secure one as soon as possible. These are priced to shift.

As we mentioned earlier, details of the UK-version of iPad 2 are very vague. Stock is almost certainly going to be in short supply when it hits these shores though, so you might want to register an interest at the Apple store if you want to get to the front of the queue on that March 25th date. In the meantime, read all about the new model here and get saving those pennies.

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