Samsung teases 8.9-inch Galaxy Tab

Ok, here's the story so far. Samsung first launched the Galaxy Tab Android tablet late last year, an Android 2.2 device that got a good review off us at the time. Since then, Samsung has launched another Tab to go alongside the original 7-inch model, namely an Android Homeycomb, 10.1-inch version of the Tab. That leaves a rather large 'size' gap between the two models. It's a gap likely to be filled with another new Tab later this month.

According to Pocket Lint, Samsung has started a teaser campaign on Facebook for a new Tab, without offering any specific details. Instead, the company is being cryptic. It offers a picture of a device, accompanied by the phrase 'What’s your Tab life? 78910'.

So let's break it down. We have a 7-inch device and a 10-inch device. So that leaves the 8 and 9. Which is likely to correspond to an 8.9-inch device. The company follows this with: 'Were you excited about the introduction of our GALAXY Tab 10.1 at 2011 Mobile World Congress? If so, we've got more surprises in store at our UNPACKED event on 3/22!' So 22nd March is the date, which is when the CTIA event takes place in Florida.

So what can we expect? Android Homeycomb for the operating system is pretty much a 'cert', as is a 1GHz dual-core processor and both front and rear cameras. Everything you would expect of a decent Android tablet in fact, but with less screen space and a smaller price when compared to that 10-inch model. All revealed in just three weeks.

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