Dell Venue Pro lands in UK

Did the Three network ever offer the Dell Venue Pro on contract? We don't think it did, so almost five months after being unveiled, the Dell Venue Pro is finally and belatedly making its UK debut, directly from the company.

Yes, if you want this Windows Phone 7 smartphone, you'll have to go sim-free, with a price of £459 for the privilege. For that, you'll get one of the few WP7 smartphones with a QWERTY keyboard (only this and the HTC 7 Pro in fact), with the added bonus of a 4.1-inch OLED touchscreen, scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass for that screen, a 5-megapixel camera with flash, a 1GHz processor, 512MB of RAM and of course, the Windows Phone 7 operating system from Microsoft.

You'll also have to filter some calls and a data deal on top of that, but if you shop around, going sim-free might work out a little cheaper in the long run. But more significantly, do you want to opt for a future with the Windows Phone 7 operating system? With new and improved Androids hitting the market on a monthly basis, a glut of new BlackBerry phones on the horizon and a new iPhone due in summer, it's a tough call.

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