Gingerbread heading to Samsung Galaxy S

We're presuming that Europe is one big territory here, so when Samsung Germany says that there is an Android Gingerbread update heading to the Samsung Galaxy S, we expect it to hit the UK at roughly the same time.

According to Slashgear, the official confirmation came at a Samsung blogger event in Germany, with news of the Android 2.3 upgrade tweeted just seconds later. With a mobile phone around, you can't keep anything a secret these days. Mind you, if the news was mentioned at a blogger event, I think we can assume it was never intended to be kept secret.

But we're still lacking any specific details on the upgrade to go with the headline news. We can second-guess that unlocked Galaxy S handsets will get the upgrade first and with the rollout due to begin in March (which starts tomorrow), that could mean an all-new operating system in a matter of days if you paid upfront.

As experience has shown in the past, having a network-tied phone probably means a much longer wait, with the networks being required to test the new operating system before delivering it to customers. That has been known to take weeks, if not months. Still, at least you know it is coming, saving you the hassle and money of upgrading to something like the Galaxy S 2. You never know, your update might even be through before that particular handset hits the networks. Fingers crossed. As soon as the networks confirm their respective upgrades, we'll let you know.

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