Archos Arnova Android tablets from £84

Despite never quite making into the mainstream in the UK, French tech firm Archos continues to tempt us in with affordable handhelds, the latest being Android tablets from a ridiculously cheap £84.

Specifically, we're talking about the Archos Arnova Android tablets, which will be available as 7-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch devices, with prices from 99 euros (£84) to 249 euros (£212). No matter which way you look at it, that makes for a mighty cheap tablet. According to the company, the tablets are also 'packed full of multimedia features and simple to use', as well as being a 'great entry-level way to experience the world of tablets.' Sounds too good to be true surely?

Well, according to Pocket Lint, they're not exactly going in high, offering Android 2.2 for the operating system, rather than the new, tablet-friendly Honeycomb OS. So you might want to think before you buy. Other features include a 10-inch capacitive or resistive screen on the Arnova 10, plus a USB socket so you can connect a mouse, keyboard or external hard disk. The Arnova 8 will be an 8-inch touchscreen tablet with a 4:3 format, while the Arnova 7 is the cheapie 7-inch model. The 10- and 8-inch models also have 720p resolution so you watch HD movies.

The Arnova 10 is already available in Europe through Kesa group stores from 199 euros (£170) while the Arnova 8 will be available during March from 149 euros (£127). The Arnova 7 will be available in the second quarter, with that £84 price tag, just as long as you opt for a resistive screen.

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