Is this the iPad 2?

It isn't strictly the new iPad 2, but according to Japanese blog iBlack Box, this is the iPad 2. Confused? Read on.

According to that site and later reported by Pocket Lint, the design has been recreated by a Chinese case manufacturer based on the exact measurements and specifications. So not an authentic model, but you would hardly notice. At leadt, until the real deal shows its face.

It does tick the right boxes, with a wide speaker grille on the back for enhanced audio, plus rear and front facing cameras and a slot for an SD card, all of which have been widely rumoured as being part of the new device. The only thing it probably lacks is a bit of style and finesse. There's a shot of the original model and the iPad 2 side-by-side and the iPad 1 wins hands-down for style. While the specs might be right, you do wonder if there's been any allowance for the designer's finishing touches in the designs on show here.

All wil be revealed next Wednesday, we're hoping the finished product has a little more about it. But as a rough guide, the shots are well worth a browse.

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