White iPhone 4 available for pre-order

It's the great lost Apple item, the handset that was scheduled to be available for the original launch, but simply never appeared. It's been rumoured to be incoming pretty much constantly since that original iPhone 4 hit the shelves, but as yet, we have yet to see a white iPhone 4 on the shelves (real or virtual) of a UK retailer. Is it finally about to appear? It certainly looks that way.

According to Crave, the white iPhone 4 is up for pre-order, which presumably means the problems with paint thickness and the screen have been sorted. But the question is, would you pay a premium for one now with the iPhone 5 on the horizon? Especially as that might be offered in white at launch? If the answer is 'yes', there looks to be a serious premium being demanded.

First out of the blocks on the white iPhone 4 was Xpansys, which had advertised the white iPhone in sim-free mode for £919.99, around twice the price of a standard sim-free model. That's some price to pay for what's essentially the same smartphone. However, in the last few hours, the company has amended this to price 'not announced', perhaps stung by the criticism of that earlier price point. It is still offering a white 32GB handset though, albeit without a fixed date for shipping.

It's not the only one. Both the Orange and Three networks are now listing the white iPhone 4 online, though both sites seem to be saying it's 'out of stock' (for that, read 'not yet in stock'). It could all indicate that word has reached the networks and retailers that the white iPhone 4 is about to be unleashed, breathing some life into iPhone sales in the run-up to the new model's arrival (likely to be on the shelves in July).


If it's the same price as the black model, Apple is likely to have some success. But at twice the price? Probably not for all but the most affluents Apple obsessives.

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