Windows Phone 7 update affects Samsung phone

The Samsung Omnia 7 got a strong review off us and as one of the leading lights of the Windows Phone 7 launch, there's a good chance a number of you own one. We're wondering just how many of you are less-than-pleased with it this morning?

Yesterday, Microsoft announced it was rolling out its first Windows Phone 7 update. Sadly, not the one with cut and paste, plus a few other goodies. This one was an update for the update process, supposedly smoothing the way for updates in the future. However, according to TechRadar, that particular update has gone far from smoothly for some smartphone owners.

It seems that the Samsung Omnia 7 handset doesn't necessarily like the update. Not all handsets, but a significant number nonetheless. Problems apparently range from the back-up freezing to completely locked-out handsets, with some users finding their handsets have been made completely unusable after attempting to download the update.

The Windows Phone support team are looking into the issues, offering some advice to get handsets at least working again via a battery pull reset or a hard reset to factory defaults as a last resort. You might want to check with support before you try either of those things though.

Speaking about the problems, Microsoft support worker Diego T. said: 'I wouldn't really worry about not being able to update right now. We are working on it, and yes, we are finding some patterns that we are expect to solve soon. This is a minor update, you are not missing any new features, so if you can't update now don't stress. Please revert phone to original state (no need to hard reset) and wait couple of days until potential issues are solved, and you will be able to get the update. If you had troubles updating I wouldn't really mess with it... in this unexpected state you might end with a brick phone and that would be a bigger problem.'

So if you haven't downloaded, the advice seems to be 'don't bother' and keep an eye out for more information. If your phone is completely dead, get some help from support. After all, it should still be under warranty so soon after purchase.

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