Apple's iPad gets a price cut

Ok, this is a limited discount, by which we mean only certain networks are offering it. But if you want to buy yourself an Apple iPad, you might want to get down to either Orange or T-Mobile, both of which are offering discounted deals. Although there might just be a reason for that.

According to TechRadar, Orange is now selling the iPad for £99 on its 24-month contracts and T-Mobile is offering the same to existing customers. Previously, Orange was offering the iPad WiFi + 3G at £199.99 on a £25 per month contract to existing customers and at £229.99 for new customers on a £27 per month contract. Which means the new pricing offers a saving of at least £100 on each. T-Mobile, however, is only offering the discount to existing customers on a 24-month £25 tariff.

It's a generous discount, but is it for good reason? Dropping the price might well be a gesture of goodwill, but more likely, it's a sign that the new iPad 2 is imminent. The price drop is purely a way of shifting existing stock to make way for the new model. The networks are hardly likely to tell you that, as it might put some doubt in your mind over a potential purchase. We could be wrong, but we don't think we are.

Especially as the iPad 2 is almost certainly imminent and according to some, already in production. Indeed, you could say the launch is overdue, with the first model showcased in January of last year. Either way, it looks like it will be here soon, but if you want one right now, the Orange / T-Mobile deals are certainly worth a look.

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