O2 and eBay sign mobile content deal

Good news if you love eBay and you're a customer of O2 - eBay will feature on your next mobile phone 'out of the box', after the two companies (eBay and O2 owner Telefonica) signed a deal to that effect.

We say almost all because there's one or two omissions from the list of operating systems that will be getting pre-loaded eBay or a permanent link to eBay’s mobile page. According to TechCrunch, it will be 'most Android, Windows 7, Symbian and Bada devices' sold by O2 in the UK over the next two years. Telefonica will actually work with device manufacturers to pre-install the application. Looking at that list, it doesn't look like it'll be working with either Apple or BlackBerry maker RIM as yet. Which is good news if you hate commercial apps added against your will, or bad news if you're an eBay addict. If you happen to be the latter, just download it, should only take seconds.

It's actually eBay’s first pre-load deal with a carrier and a big one, Telfonica O2 being one of the largest carriers in Europe, although the pre-load is initially being tried out in the UK only. No coincidence. Apparently, the UK is the strongest market for eBay in terms of m-commerce in Europe, with an item purchased on average every two seconds through the eBay buyer app in the UK in 2010. All of which means a potential high return for eBay on its investment.

Not an O2 customer? Well, if this is a success, something similar is likely to be heading to your network very soon. It makes excellent financial sense for both networks and eBay and let's be honest, we all love a browse on eBay.

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