Funambol MediaHub will sync video and music between all your devices

Open source mobile cloud company Funambol is enhancing its MediaHub software to sync even more media across all your smartphones, tablets, PCs and mobile devices. As well as syncing files, contacts and calendars through their cloud service, the MediaHub will also be able to sync pictures, videos and music. It means even more of your data and content will be stored remotely, thus backing it up in the process. The MediaHub works in tandem with other cloud services such as Facebook, Flickr and Picasa, while Outlook can also be synched.


Last week we told you how Funambol had introduced its back-up service to BlackBerry devices and now with the additional bonus of synching pictures, videos and music it becomes an even more appealing service. Sadly we'll have to wait until Q2 for Funambol MediaHub to become available.

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