Apple iPhone Mini to come?

After years of Steve Jobs claiming Apple will never put out a 'low-cost' product - barely affordable to the rest of us - rumours suggest a cheaper, smaller iPhone could be on the cards for release this year.


PCAdvisor is reporting that the so-called iPhone Mini (or iPhone Nano, as older rumours had it) will be about two-thirds the size of the current iPhone and will eschew the single home button for a flat, full-touch front.


Apparently it will also feature a 'universal' SIM card, which would allow you to switch between networks without having to insert a new SIM card - a godsend for frequent travellers who don't want to roam. Let's hope this feature makes it on the iPhone 5 this summer.


Though Apple has earned its bread and butter on luxury-priced products, this move would help it grab some market share from Google's Android OS, which, thanks to its use on high-end and low-end devices, has taken over as the UK's number one smartphone OS.


So how low-cost is low-cost? Well, iPhone Mini will apparently be available for just $200, and on PAYG as well. No UK pricing was specified, but supposedly Apple will unveil the device around June this year.


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