VIDEO: SwiftKey on the INQ Cloud Touch

Yesterday we brought you news of two new INQ phones, the INQ Cloud Touch and INQ Cloud Q. Both have Facebook at the very heart of the phone, and both run on Android 2.2. However, now we're going further under the bonnet to bring you news of a new text prediction technology embedded in the device. SwiftyKey is the brainchild of TouchType and works by learning your text entering patterns and then suggesting the most likely words you are trying to type. It leads to a hugely personal experience and the INQ Cloud devices are the perfect tools to utilise this technology. With one-touch links direct from the home screen to Facebook Chat, your status updates and Friends' walls, these are two text-heavy devices. The SwiftKey keyboard is the default setting on both INQ phones, the first time the software has come embedded on a device. Check out the video below of SwiftKey in action on the INQ Cloud Touch.


SwiftKey for other Android devices is available from the Android Market on a free month's trial, while to get the full app will cost you a measly $2.


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