APP WATCH: Sonos Controller for Android

Originally just a free iPhone app, the Sonos remote control headed to the iPad late last year and now, somewhat belatedly, it's been announced for Android phones. Although you can't get it until March.

If you've never encountered Sonos before, let's just say it's a rather cool wireless, multi-room music system, able to access your own digital collection, as well as being able to access digital music online. So, if you have Spotify mobile, those same playlists can be played around the home via Sonos audio player as well as your mobile phone. You can buy dedicated (and not cheap) remote controls or you can download, for free, an app that controls all the music for all the rooms. So far that has been limited to Apple devices, but not anymore.

The Sonos Controller for Android will be available to download from the Android Market from late March onwards, just as long as you are running Android 2.1 or above. You'll also need a screen size of 320x480 (HVGA), 480x800 (WVGA), or 480x854 (WVGA), which is pretty much all the recent mainstream phones. Get it and you can browse and play your music and playlists, view the album sleeves, control music in any room (as long as there's a player in there) and access online services like Napster, Spotify,, Deezer and Wolfgang's Vault. Some of those are 'pay' services though. You can even set alarms on your music players from your phone if you want to get blasted out of bed.

It's also worth noting that the Android app has a couple of features that the Apple devices haven't yet got. First, you can use the 'hard' volume buttons to control the volume on players and secondly, you get a voice search function for your music.

Look out for it in just over a month, which gives you time to buy a Sonos player, if you haven't yet got one.

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