iOS 4.3 launching on 14th February?

We suspect romance could be secondary for iPhone owners, should rumours of the next big upgrade date prove true.

Valentine's Day is the day, at least it is according to Mac Stories, which claims Apple’s next iOS update to iOS 4.3 is due to land on the 14th February. So, romantic meal or some new smartphone features. Which is it to be?

According to that same site, topping the bill will be portable hotspot functionality, which should enable you to use your iPhone wirelessly as a mobile hotspot, similar functionality to what's available on Android 2.2 phones. It will be interesting to see if the UK networks allow it. Let's just say we have our doubts in an era of data cutbacks.

Also on offer in the update will be improved AirPlay functions which allow you to send video from the web and possibly video effects on said mini movies, including things like thermal camera, x-ray and kaleidoscope. There's also likely to be better multi-touch functionality, a new way of interacting with text alerts and the possibly arrival of a Google Latitude style service for location-based updates. That last one is far from certain though.

All should be revealed at the start of next week. Here's hoping it doesn't impact on your love life too much.

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