Apple iPhone 5 unveiled on June 6?

By now, it's an annual ritual for a new iPhone to burst into the world around summer time.


Computer World is suggesting that time is nigh - June 6, specifically - warning readers that the current iPhone "may quickly be replaced by a newer, cooler version" even sooner than what's usual for the quick turnover of smartphones.


Though the iPhone 4 was a huge evolution from iPhone 3GS, which only improved on the processor speed of the iPhone 3, many factors do point to an iPhone 5 likely to cause serious phone envy among current iPhone owners.


For one, Orange and T-Mobile have announced plans to range NFC-enabled handsets to allow for contactless payments at participating retailers, while O2 is launching a mobile mobile wallet service - suggesting the technology will finally hit the UK mainstream.


At the moment, the Google Nexus S is the only smartphone packing the tech, but as we reported a couple weeks back, both the iPhone 5 and new iPad 2 are rumoured to be getting NFC capabilities built in.


So should you buy that iPhone 4 now? We'd wait a few more months yet - either to pick up a spanking new future0-forward iPhone 5, or for the very least, for the still rather expensive iPhone 4 to get a price slash.


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