LightRadio set to boost your mobile signal?

We all know the scenario. If you live or work near a mobile phone mast (or in a busy town or city centre), your mobile signal is 3G-tastic. If you live a little off the beaten track, somewhere rural or just in a 'deadzone', it certainly isn't. So what's the solution? According to Alcatel-Lucent, the solution is the LightRadio.

According to TechRadar, the small, cube-shaped device is designed to complement the large masts that currently supply our mobile signal. In time, it might even replace them. It can also be used anywhere with a power source, possibly even using wind or solar energy, with the technology even offering rural communities with no coverage or broadband a reasonably-speedy data connection. What's not to like?

It works by stripping down the tech in the basestation and using only the main components to distribute the signal. It then communicates wirelessly with the host signal, enabling 'a more efficient manner of network maintenance'. LihgtRadio is also LTE-enabled, so should the UK get 4G anytime soon, the LightRadio is ready and willing to help out with that too.

Downside? The networks aren't exactly falling over themselves to get in on the act right now, with only the international arm of Orange signing up. However, that particular network is certainly talking it up.

The company's Senior Vice President, Network Architecture and Design, Alain Maloberti, calling the technology 'exciting', adding: 'Alcatel-Lucent's new vision and strategy of mobile broadband is quite exciting: the new wireless network architecture and innovative radio proposal will potentially help us to achieve significant operating cost savings and be better prepared for future challenges. We look forward to working closely with Alcatel-Lucent to explore and test this new approach.'

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