APP WATCH: BBC iPlayer for iPad this week

We heard it was coming, but now the iPlayer app has been dated for the iPad, but not, sadly, for Apple's iPhone as yet.

That date wasn't given officially. It was actually leaked via Twitter, a man called Geoff Marshall, who is a BBC technician, offering the date of the iPad iPlayer launch as February 10th, which is this coming Thursday. 'iPlayer App for iPad is being released this Thursday - 10th Feb. 3G connection is browse only. Browse+Playback requires Wi-Fi. #iplayer,' read the tweet.

So you'll need a Wi-Fi connection to actually watch a TV show on the go. He also added that the app was UK-only and interestingly / disappointingly, there is no iPhone version of the app. That's a surprise, as as were led to believe that the app would land on both devices at the same time. Here's hoping that this is a misunderstanding and a smaller version is still in production.

But if you have an iPad, keep a check on the app store on Thursday, price will be free of course.

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