Top three phones when money's no issue

Apple iPhone 4

Is there a more iconic phone than Apple's creation? Probably not. The iPhone range has proved to be incredibly successful with hordes of people queuing through the night to get the hands on the iPhone 4 when it arrived last year. However, this state of the art handset comes at a pretty penny. There's actually two versions available, a 16GB and 32GB version, the latter obviously coming with an additional cost. However, though you may have to pay through the nose for this handset, what you'll get in return is one of the slickest most intuitive handsets to land on this planet. The eye retina display coupled with the sleek square edged matt finished body maintains Apple's fondness for producing eye-catching devices. There's also an improved camera with an excellent video editing suite, while the powerful 1GHz A4 processor finally corrects that gripe thrown at previous iPhone phones, the ability to multitask. It's "probably" the most iconic phone for a reason.


Size: 115.2x58.6x9.3mm
Weight: 137g
Internet: Wi-Fi, HSDPA
OS: iOS 4
Camera: Five-megapixels
Talktime: 420 minutes
Standby: 300 hours

Samsung Galaxy S

Of course not everyone's an Apple fanboy. Android has an increasingly growing following and the good news is that the phone's that run on Google's operating system are getting better and more advanced. The Samsung Galaxy S is at the very top of the high-end league table, both in terms of cost, but also features. It's a true multimedia giant. Playing video, be it content you've sideloaded onto the device, YouTube clips, or even that you've recorded yourself springs to life on the giant four-inch Super AMOLED display. It's also DLNA compatible which means you can stream any music or movies you have stored on your phone to a DLNA enabled TV. With both HSDPA and HSUPA data speeds along with Wi-Fi, surfing the internet waves are a joy, making the Samsung Galaxy S one well rounded beast of a smartphone.


Size: 122.4x64.2x9.9mm
Weight: 119g
Internet: Wi-Fi, HSDPA
OS: Android 2.1 (upgradeable to 2.2)
Camera: Five-megapixels
Talktime: 390 minutes
Standby: 576 hours

HTC Desire HD

The original HTC Desire, in our humble opinion, was the first true iPhone killer. We loved it. So much in fact that it won the coveted Phone of the Year at last year's Mobile Choice Consumer Awards. Well HTC is building on this success with the HTC Desire HD, a handset that sports a huge 4.3-inch high definition display, runs on Android Froyo 2.2 and enough social networking integration to keep even the most avid Facebook user amused. The HTC Desire HD also has the accolade of having the highest specced camera of any Android phone to date, while HTC's will back up all your data. HTC's master class continues with the inclusion of a call blocking facility that diverts specific numbers (i.e. those you're trying to avoid) straight to your voicemail, while the Amazon MP3 store proves good competition for iTunes. HTC has already established itself amongst the big boys, but the HTC Desire HD is their best offering yet. If you've got the cash and are after a non Apple device, the HTC Desire HD won't disappoint.


Size: 123x68x11.8mm
Weight: 164g
Internet: Wi-Fi, HSDPA
OS: Android 2.2
Camera: Eight-megapixels
Talktime: 330 minutes
Standby: 430 hours


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