Water-soaked iPhone springs back to life

So at the weekend, my tech-savvy twelve-year-old cousin managed to drop his iPhone in a glass of water (quite an achievement in its own right). Rather than right it off he refused to give up hope, logged onto the internet and found a post stating that under no circumstances should he try and switch it on. Instead this good Samaritan suggested he placed said soaked phone in a sandwich bag with some dry rice and leave it overnight. After following this dubious advice, to my cousin's surprise, not to mention delight, the next morning the iPhone was as good as new. The rice had seemingly soaked up the water leaving the iPhone squeaky clean and more importantly dry.


On further investigation, this nifty trick has seemingly been used to dry phones that have fallen foul to other liquids, namely beer and other alcoholic beverages. So far the phones that we've heard being saved by the 'rice' include a Sony Ericsson W995, a Nokia 6500 Classic and an HTC Wildfire.


Let us know if you've managed to salvage your phone after a seemingly fatal incident. What phone was it and how did you bring it back to life?

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