APP WATCH: BBC iPlayer for iPhone incoming

12 months after it was first talked about, it seems that we are now on the verge of a launch for the BBC iPlayer app for Apple's iPhone, as well as the iPad and the iPod touch.

Why so long? Well, the technology has been ready to go for all these months, but the arguments over the BBC's role in offering the mobile app has dragged on and on. That's been wrestled over by the BBC Trust for much of the last year and it seems now, the decision has made - and it's green for go thankfully.

According to Paid Content, it has been told that the app should be available by the time future media and technology director Erik Huggers leaves the BBC for Intel at the end of February. Which means you'll no longer have to work around the problem with a mobile browse after that date.

That leaves one unanswered question - what about the Android platform? As yet, nothing has been said and with cutbacks digging deep at the BBC for the forseeable future, it's looking like no Android version will be available for some time to come. Unless, of course, the app has already been developed. We can hope.

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