Sony launches PlayStation Suite

Ok, we were primed for the official launch of the PlayStation Phone, also known as the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play. Sadly, that wasn't shown off at the Japanese Sony event. However, we did get something equally as interesting - the Sony PlayStation Suite.

Yes, not a single PlayStation Phone, but the possibly of lots of different PlayStation Phones. According to Engadget, it's a cross-platform framework or store that will eventually be stuffed with PlayStation games for both tablets and mobile phones. Initially, that will amount to an emulator for existing PSOne games, with an Android game store to follow later in the year. Not just Android either, with the Suite said to be 'hardware neutral', which opens up the possibility of PlayStation for all. Well, hardware limitations permitting. More on that later.

Rather than just being another free-for-all app store, the PlayStation gaming store is said to have quality assurance scheme and licensing called 'PlayStation Certified'. That's intended to get the big boys involved and create an exclusive club. Here's hoping that it doesn't also drive down creativity, as some of the best games on the Apple app store haven't come from the big gaming houses. Just a thought Sony.

When it does open for business, Android owners will need a minimum of Android 2.3, which means a minority now, probably not so later in the year. Oh yes, that PlayStation Phone? That's an Android 2.3 device, complete with flip-out gamepad for playing those games. It's likely to be launching at next month's MWC event, when we'll probably see both handset and platform working in tandem for the first time. We can't wait.

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