Nokia N9 mixing MeeGo with Intel Atom?

The MeeGo platform was announced almost a year ago, a joint project between Nokia and Intel to create a unified Linux-based platform. It now looks like a smartphone will be launched at the forthcoming MWC event featuring that MeeGo platform and more besides. That phone is said to be the Nokia N9.

Engadget claims this is the N9 slider handset and it will be shown off at MWC. The latter point is according to respected Finnish technology magazine Prosessori, which also adds that the phone will pack a 1.2GHz Atom processor from Intel too, the whole kit likely to be shown off during the company's keynote speech.

Nokia's fortunes haven't exactly been on an upward trajectory of late, so the first commercially available Intel smartphone with an all-new Nokia interface would certainly do it the world of good, creating a platform capable of mixing it with the big boys. Something Symbian certainly isn't right now.

Or it could all be smoke and mirrors. We honestly don't know for sure. We'll only know when the trade show kicks off for sure. When it does, you'll be the first to find out.

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